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We've been in Kalispell for a number of years (not from California 🙂 ) and would never live anywhere else. There is a bitter divide between the native Montanas and the many people o have relocated from California as many of them came with money and built large but not sensible homes and drove prices into he stratosphere. When e moved here I looked for a rental home while I looked for property and the cheapest I could find that I was willing to live in (cleanliness and safety wise) was $1,200 a month.

Housing is expensive, childcare is very expensive, our home and average was about 70% more expensive than comparable property in the Midwest. Jobs between minimum wage and executive are very hard to come by; I would recommend the same thing a native Alaskan told me when e ere moving there - come here with a job, don't come and then try to find a job.

Contact the school board, see if you can contact teachers here through social media (if you do that sort of thing) to establish dialogue, and s in any other place, ignore hose who choose to be ignorant without ven trying o get to know you - it will save you time, money, and eartache when you identify people you will it be able to count on that early.

Bottom line: Whitefish is beautiful but a resort community with everything that goes with that; Columbia falls is retty it too 1st out of the way for me personally; Kalispell is he best place I have ever lived...and I'm old so I have lived a lot of places. Good luck.