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Default Burning question about tactical flashlights

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Hello all, new member here from Kansas. I seem to be becoming a flashlight aficionado, and I'm starting to venture out into the fancier brands. I'm mostly looking for the perfect EDC pocket torch for me -- I use my light many times per day for general use, indoors and out, and also want it to be useful for defensive situations (a companion to a concealed carry gun). Needs to carry and "reholster" easily in the front pocket of blue jeans. Also must be activated by a momentary tailcap button.

I recently tried out an Olight M10 Maverick... I find its control scheme to be as perfect as I've found: 1st tap gives whatever power level you previously selected with the side button, 2nd tap always gives high power, and 3rd tap always gives strobe. Quick, simple, effective. I love this light, but the tailcap button is too exposed and I can't wear it without it constantly getting clicked on in my pocket. Oh, and the clip is an abomination, requiring two hands and two eyeballs to reholster.

What I want to ask about is the control scheme found on Fenix and Thrunite lights, and possibly others. On these, the strobe is activated by first turning the light fully on with the tailcap button, and then pressing and holding the side button for 1 second. People seem to really love these lights, but this makes no sense to me. When I feel threatened in the dark, am I supposed to say "hold it there bad guy, wait while I turn this flashlight fully on (giving away my position), and then allow me to nervously fumble around until I find the side switch, and then please wait one more second until the strobe comes on. OK, thank you for waiting, please be disoriented now."

I don't get it. What am I missing? On Streamlights and Olights I can deploy the light with one hand and have it strobing in a second or two, while my other hand is free to pull out my sidearm. But this doesn't seem possible with the "toney" lights I see so many people recommending.

I looked at Surefires today, they work as I want but don't include the strobe function. Really? I guess the idea is to use blinding high-lumens instead, and they are of course very pricey.

I'm open for suggestions of specific makes and models, but also would like to understand how others find the side-button strobe useful.