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Here's what I have to say. When you present the theories put out there by the defense attorneys, you are working off the information the defense wants you to have. A defense attorney has one job in a criminal case and that is to present a theory that raises reasonable doubt. They are not required to look at the totality of the circumstances nor are they required to present evidence of their clients guilt. It's good to maintain some objectivity when you are given one source of information and that source has a vested interest in a certain outcome.

Brendan Dassey was interviewed initially and later on. Interviewing suspects tends to be a multi-layer process. You to start out with a minimal amount of truth (if any) and that slowly slides over to a greater amount when they start to contradict themselves. That is when confessions occur and Brendan Dassey did confess. Confessions are then vetted against the known physical evidence to check their veracity and Dassey's confession passed that test. All this smoke and mirrors about keys and interview techniques reminds me of someone throwing a handful of fecal matter at a wall in hopes that something will stick.

I do find it rather funny that you now put Len Kachinsky in on this conspiracy.... if anything shows a lack of knowledge about this case, and the people involved, it's that. I'm going to assume that you've been spending some time on That's not exactly what anyone could argue as a terribly credible source.

As for my netflix watching activity, my account claims that I watched 64:21 minutes out 64:58 minutes of Making A Murderer S:01 Ep:01 Eighteen Years Lost on 12/22/2015. Maybe there were some startling revelations during the final 47 seconds of credits to prove Avery's innocence or you got some sort of director's cut. Maybe Ken Kratz, Judge Patrick Willis, the Wisconsin State Crime Lab, the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office, Wisconsin DoJ DCI, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court planted this information on my account as a paid shill to dispute your opinion and maintain the conspiracy..... or maybe, just maybe, we disagree.

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey got the justice they deserve.
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