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I don't know that I'd be shedding too many big tears for Steven Avery. The netflix documentary was interesting in that it didn't really touch on anything with Teresa Halbach, the evidence against Avery, the testimony of his nephew who helped Avery rape, murder and dispose of Teresa's remains. It also doesn't cover the trial itself. I live near where this happened and had a front row seat during the whole affair. This was not some case of Steve Avery being railroaded. Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey raped Teresa Halbach, cut her throat, shot her and burned her remains. Brendan Dassey walked us through the crime, step by bloody step. Ample evidence was presented to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. Avery and Dassey were sent to prison where they belong.

The documentary relies heavily on innuendo, where it concerns Avery raping and murdering Halbach, and is heavily edited to favor Avery's defense. Theresa Halbach's fate gave the The Innocence Project quite the black eye. DNA exonerated Avery from the rape conviction and set him free which was the right thing to do. The Halbach murder investigation was handled with extreme care and transparency because of the prior false conviction. Avery and Dassey got the justice they deserve.

Making a Murderer tells a story, but not a complete story. I know that this area is safer with Avery in Waupun Correctional.

Special Prosecutor Ken Kratz' reaction to the Documentary
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