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Originally Posted by michiganmom View Post
I heard from a friend whose kid is starting to get food stamps -- they overheard other people in line talking about buying soda, dumping it out, and returning the cans to the store for the cash deposit. Our bottle deposit here is 10 cents per can/bottle.

Makes my blood boil.
I know its bad but i live in northern Ohio and we get MI 10 cent beer cans here every once in awhile. It is always Miller Light "which my brother drinks" but it pays for our fishing license every year plus a lil cash on top! We have a cottage up there and it works well for us! I think it is stupid to pay 10 cents on every bottle and can though! Anyways i have never taken food stamps or unemployment in all the years i have worked. I am only 32 and have been self employed since 2000 and have had some rough years!