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Originally Posted by Go Davy Go View Post
What do you plan on doing with your gun safe when/if you have to Bug out?

I'm not talking about leaving for a couple of days and then coming back, I'm talking about leaving and possibly not being able to return for years, if at all..

We keep as much as we can at our BOL but lets face it there is still a considerable amount of valuables in our home safe, things like jewelry, firearms, pictures, hard drives and records.. there is no way in a bug out situation to take all of these things. so what do you do?

My wife and I were discussing this today.. We came to two conclusions..

1. If there was no time constraint we would cut the floor out and place the safe into the crawl space and then cover the hole with a double layer of plywood and way too many wood screws..

2. Time is of the essence!! we cut the floor out from underneath the safe dropping it into the crawl space and set the house on fire..

the thought being that we might conceal it from marauders.
What are your guys' thoughts?
If it's truly a bug-out situation, you won't have time to be screwing around with your gunsafe. You'll have more vital things to do.

(Remember that in any evacuation scenario, the roads load up fast. The longer you screw around before leaving, the more accidents, fender-benders, overheated vehicles, and general pandemonium you're going to encounter on the roads. Study up on what happened when people tried to evacuate before Katrina hit New Orleans...)

Its going to be different for different people because everyone's circumstances are different, but in general most people have some portable container(s) they can take with them. One poster above mentioned a job box. Many guys I know have rifle cases and pelican cases they use to transport rifles to the range or hunting camp, etc. Their plan is to load up their firearms into cases and stow the cases in a truck or trailer with pre-planned space for them.

Don't forget your ammunition. Evacuations are why many people store ammunition in ammo cans - not only because they're sturdy, stackable, and airtight, but because they're man-portable when filled.

Anything you leave behind in an evacuation may not be there when you return. A quick perusal of the news out of California, with all the fires going on and mass evacuations, reveals destroyed houses and contents and charges of looting going on in homes that survived the fires. This is about as recent and relatable as it gets - hell, the fires are still burning. People are still sitting in evacuation centers.

Ensure you can take the contents of your safe when you evacuate, and don't worry about screwing with the safe itself. Your gun safe is the least of your worries...
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