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Originally Posted by TheCoyote View Post
I did figure out the problem (i think) It looks like the follower, made of a nylon material, binds against the metal on the receiver wall, and does not quite go out enough to engage the hold wall.
I can wiggle the magazine left and right and it will pop up, but does anyone know if I can just get a replacement follower? Should I just buy an AK mag and take it apart for one?

Also, i'm just going to buy the circle 31 clips on Ebay, they had a good deal, and I try to keep with original equipment when I can.
You are going to regret wasting money on the circle 31 strippers, they are HORRIBLE. Buy once cry once. the BXN strippers work well, the circle 31's are JUNK. Another option is to buy some Yugo M67 on strippers.

Original equipment??? Neither the circle 31 strippers or your USA mag are original

Read some reviews, I expect the ones that gave 4 stars haven't even tried them yet or are mentally handicapped : (PACK OF 20)7.62x39 SKS Steel... cover : (PACK OF 20)7.62x39 SKS Steel...