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Congrats on a fine EDC piece!

Can't speak to the Ruger's carryability, but they have a fine reputation......

I carry a S&W Airweight .38 Special +P, or a Bodyguard .357 Magnum, every day, irregardless of any other, heavier-caliber weapons I might carry.....

My personal choice for snub revolver carry is a Galco V-Hawk IWB holster:

I love the Humpback Snubbies, they are snag-free from a pocket-draw, and can still be cocked for single-action, longer-range shooting, too.....and they will SURPRISE you, how accurate they can be at long range, if you do YOUR part!

Try some different types of ammo, to maximize the versatility of your snub .38.....get some standard HP self-defense load(s) of your choice, but add-in a few boxes of target wadcutter ammo (hollow-base wadcutters are the best), for light-recoil practice, and a FINE small-game procurement round, that will be more than adequate in a pinch, or just to test your skills!

Enjoy it Safely! A range report would be nice, let all of us know what types/brands of ammo your new LCR likes! I've been pondering a purchase of one myself......

The Snub-Packing One......
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