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Originally Posted by eleven11 View Post
Phoenix is going the way of Tuscon... you used to see plenty of open carry there but not so much anymore. Lots of cat-ladies and soyboy's. Folks are from from Cali, Detroit, Phili & South America or Africa-- and almost no-one is from AZ. Everything is gentrified or corporate: either a hipster place with crappy kid food and weirdos or big box stores and chains. Nothing left of the traditional town or its ways. it reminds me of what I saw happening to Florida back in the 80's with the New Jersey & Hati invaders. Glad to be gone from both. I haven't found a major city in the US where this isn't happening though.
The same thing happened to Denver. I came here for that "old west," "gun slingin'" atmosphere but all you see are homeless pigs -- that's to say -- people who have chosen to live like pigs without contributing a single, useful thing to society. Not all homeless people are "pigs." Anyway, if you don't see them, then you see idiots with purple or green or pink hair dye (males and females). Almost everyone is left wing. And it's also why I'm leaving next week.
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