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Originally Posted by obleo View Post
Years ago we tried a product called "Ke-Peg" take a fresh laid egg, less than 12 hours old, and if no "dirt" on it, smear this stuff on them and set them back in the carton in a cool, dry place. After 6 months, in my back room in the mtns of NM, we tried them. White, runny and yellow was flat, but tasted fine. After a year, still the same...beyond the year, we fed them to the chickens, they preferred their's one way we tried.

Have a friend in Ireland who says she, her mother and grandmother never fridged their eggs at all, just stored them in a cool dark place unwashed. Kept for months.
Originally Posted by Stringer6 View Post
ive heard that putting , i think, mineral oil on them can make them last alot longer.
I've ben told by more than one country neighbor up at the BOL that they have kept eggs for up to 9 months in a closet w/ and w/o cleaning, BUT if you clean you must use mineral oil to seal the shell as it IS porous-like a balloon that leaks air through the larger rubber/plastic molecules...