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Originally Posted by LibShooter View Post
Google isn’t evil. It is a company that sells internet ads. You shouldn’t be surprised that the application it gives away for free would display ads.
Nothing to truly free with Google. Everything they offer "for free" is spyware. Their TOS (terms of service), which no one reads, clearly states that they can use any information they gather from any of their services for any purpose they wish. You have no right to privacy when using any Google product.

That includes GMail. I only use GMail for newsletters and junk mail.

I ran a white hat SEO company for several years. I once ran a test that proved how Chrome was spyware that reported every web page you visited back to Google. Google uses Chrome as a spider to find new web sites. I set up several hidden web pages in various sites. There were no links to the hidden pages and no way for a user or a search engine spider to find them. I waited a week and kept checking Google's index. The hidden pages showed up in Google within 24 hours after visiting the pages with Chrome. They never showed up in Yahoo or Bing.

I'm also a former Google Partner for AdWords advertising. AdWords is Google's cash cow. They get over 95% of their revenue from advertising.

There is only one thing to keep in mind when it comes to Google. Google is not your friend.
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