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Woven wire with 2-3 "T-posts" per tree. (Tried a few other things.... Works)

I have a few dozen trunk protectors, but haven't put them on or needed to. I do mulch well but away from the trunk

I have bad Ozark Mtnside soil so only my Figs are producing so far, (well, figs, berries, and canes) growth is slow.
-fortunately there's underutilized fruit trees in the area, but I want it so I can walk to them.

But when I get production.!!! I may have to buy some hogs!

I've lost bees to bears, but without fruit that's not been an issue as yet.

Deer cough outside my bedroom window. (Big brown mice!) They even ate up my Jerusalem artichokes! (Going to have to fence off that bed)
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