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Facts (and possibly threats) of Florida:

- 25% of all Florida drivers are uninsured
- 5% of the population are illegals
- 1:5000 died due to drug overdose in FL in 2016 (that's for the entire population not just users)
- Miami's Biscayne aquifer will be overrun by salt water by 2025
- Florida has roughly 16,000,000 residents (age 21+) and has issued 14,500,000 concealed carry permits
- Florida ranked 1st in new HIV cases in 2015
- Palm Beach County has been dubbed the drug and alcohol Rehab Capital of America
- Florida has the second highest negative equity mortgages behind California.
- West Nile, Dengue Fever, and Malaria cases still show up in Florida yearly due to mosquitos and the vastness of the Everglades.
- Florida Chamber of Commerce expects the population to grow by 28% (6 Million) by 2030.
- Population density is currently 350 per sq/mi.
- 25% of Florida population is concentrated in 3 counties - Dade, Broward & Palm Beach
- Over 500 Tropical Storm/Hurricanes have hit Florida - there have only been 18 years in the past 170 that a storm did not affect Florida. Florida is the #1 affected state.
- 43,800 DUI tickets were written in 2017 in Florida.

Just to name a few...
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