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Default what do minnesotians prep for

1.) source of heat/power - a generac is nice with a 200 gallon propane tank $2500
2.) be sure to have a hand pump to place on the well head
stainless steel $1000
3.) firewood
4.) I love these, have at least 50 of those little dollar store decorative solar lights . I keep some charging in the sun, and when we get power outages (every winter), they work great indoors and hold a charge at least until bedtime , some times all night
5.) buy a half dozen solar lights, intended use is for security lamps. sams club has for less than $30 each Incredible light after 2 days in sunlight (for indoor use in basement to not attract unwelcome visitors.
6.) minimum 10,000 rounds 22lr ammo and three or more rugers with scopes, and certainly 10 or more 30 round quick clips
yes i know that other weapons are better, but ammo is cheap and scavenger able use the big stuff in your handguns for up close