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I am currently in the military and had some extra training outside of my job. I was DoD trained at I.N.I.W.I.C. (Interservice Nonlethal Individual Weapons Instructor Course). I am a DoD certified Nonlethal Weapons Instructor which means I can train all branch of the military in Nonlethal Weapons. It covers all kinda of stuff, it teaches the right way to use everything, from shotgun ammo to 40mm grenade launcher ammo. Also cover OC spray (you would call pepper spray), M26 and X26 Taser to certify people to be the end users. Also covers Lasers, acoustic sound, FN 303 (C.A.L. [compressed air launcher]), riot control stuff, vehicle arresting devices (yep there is more stuff then just "spike strips", the military has the bigger spikes. Plus there is crazy things to stop vehicles, no matter how big you are and how modified. You will stop). Also goes over how to talk to people to and a bunch of other stuff some kind of hand to hand to take people down with no counters to. The problem with Tasers is that the people that are trained on them might not have a lot of time with them. Maybe need more time, also being nerves. If one probe sticks then you will have to fallow threw with a drive stun to get the full MNI to lock up the body. If the Taser is making a lot of noise when you are trying to tase somebody it is not in far enough and you need to drive the taser in to get a connection.

Bean bag shotgun rounds are not suppose to be shot at a person who is with in 30 meters. It is because time of flight it has to open. If you do use it, it can be very damaging to the body. The rubber munitions from shotgun and 40mm are all most 10 meters. If they are with in 10 meters you are not suppose to shoot. Maybe do a quick step back or hope back and adject. You can move.

FN 303 in Boston was given to Police who were not trained on them. They used them during the riot after the Red Sox's won finally. The Police shot civilians with it thinking it was less than lethal or nonlethal. Victoria Snelgrove was shot in the eye and bleed out. The ambulance couldn't get to her in time because of the croud of people rioting because the baseball team won.

So if you don't know what it is, before you use it, research what it is and how it is suppose to be employed.

I would get Tased over being Pepper Sprayed any day. You can get a full body work in 5 seconds and not having to go to the gym.