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Originally Posted by Truck Vet View Post
I recently saw a You Tube video where officers were pepper spraying a man over and over again, it just made the guy more angry and seemingly stronger. Finally they overcame him with sheer numbers but they were effected themselves.

Pepper spray can be effective, but I would not count on it. To each his own.
I saw a similar video. The guy was drugged & drunk in a bar and the establishment couldn't get rid of him. Then came the police. They kept pepper spraying the guy in a booth and he'd just shake his head and snarl. He then went back to drinking his mug of now pepper spray infused beer. In the end they had to jump him, and he had supper human druggy strength.

As you said in another post, walk with a heavy fighting cane ... and pepper spray. I use that combo when I go into NJ, although you are a criminal if you carry more than .25oz of spray in that socialist POS state.
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