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Originally Posted by Neut Anderson View Post
I live on the border. Down here it is a WELL KNOWN FACT among law enforcement that the "Catch & Release" program is still in effect!

It is still in effect. BY LAW. Trump is asking for an end to it in the article i posted. Congress will not comply. If you go to the link I posted with the article there is an interview with border security where he says BY LAW they have to take in anyone who steps one foot on US Soil and says they fear going back. Then they are given a court date to appear before an immigration judge, (usually 2 years away) which of course they do not show up for. Trump is calling for the GOP to use the nuclear option to end this law. I think you know what the problem is. The GOP and the DEMs are one and the same. All of them do not care what the people want or what we vote for, they think we must do what they say.
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