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Keep in mind that some counties, cities and towns have more stringent laws than others. Frequently, if you are out of city limits those rules go away or mostly go away. Again, if you are connected to a public utility, then you may have more rules to contend with than if you are not. My guess is that if it is like here, the county tax assessors will make it to your place at some point. At that point you might begin to have issues. However, some places are now using drones/aerial photography to check for any changes to your property before they send someone out. So... you might avoid them for a while, but eventually they will catch up to you for their $$$ and then if they see something they know isn't legal, they may report you to someone else. I doubt that an outhouse is illegal in the boonies up there. So you could build one, then use the composting toilet and dump in the outhouse. That might get you around it.
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