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Originally Posted by augoldminer View Post
a cheap septic system is not hard to build.

Two tote tanks can be used if you dig the hole just larger then the totes and put 2 bag concrete around them and 4 bag concrete on top with a way to pump them out.
OFF GRID septic using totes - YouTube
Leach line is simple 4 inch pvc leach line.

The metal frame around the totes acts as rebar for the

This would be rated for three people full time.

I have done a few of these at remote mines i was working.
My plan is just to use a composting toilet, and have a composting pile outside for the finished compost. I'll either bury it or use it to fertilize ornamental plants. For sink and shower water, I'm just going to run it straight to an underground drain/leach field. Something like this:

My concern is the legality issue, and what would happen if I got reported and investigated. I could install a makeshift septic system like you're talking but that's definitely not legal in Arkansas, not sure which states it is. You pretty much always need construction and use permits don't you? The Health Department was making it sound like peeing in your own backyard is illegal. It really ticks me off. My sink and shower water will be pretty much sanitary and I won't even be using any inorganic soaps or cleaners. No doubt that composting the feces would be better for the environment than a normal septic system. I'm gonna do it safely and responsibly so I shouldn't have any pushback but it's still concerning the overreach of government when it comes to living off-grid. Even in highly conservative red states.. It's shocking.
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