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Originally Posted by Snake Plissken View Post
Hey all, jestem polakow tez; mam calym polski krew Takzie, bylam w polsce in '93, ale przepraszem, nie pamietam jak mowic po polsku, moje polski jest nie dobzre Lepiej dla mnie mowic po angelsku dla terez, potem panstow moze mnie rozumiec!
My question for you is, which region of Poland today do you feel is the safest? Also looking back from WWII and the resistance fighters, which part of the countryside were the best places to stay low? My initial guess is the mountains in the south must have been the safest because they are the easiest to hide in, such as Beskid close to the Czech and Slovakian borders and Podkarpackie close to the Ukrainian border? And my second guess would be the woods, in particular, next to Belarus and up north to Mazurka. However, after seeing the russian film "Come and See" (didn't the film take place in Puszcza Biolwieska, the Belarussia half ?) If so, they didn't look too good either. The people who ran from the villages and into the woods were much safer than the ones who stayed in the village hoping the nazis would grant them mercy (not). Those woods were gorgeous in the movie, though. I remember most the rest of the land as being flat or rolling hills, like the Kasuzby - good for farming. So, what do you think? Surveying the country for the best bug-out locations, where do you think is the safest? Also, I must say, although the Kaczynski brothers complained about the lower population of Poland compared to Germany after WWII, I actually think you are much better off with less people (not that it's good many died during then obviously), but in terms of thinking about today - you won't have as many people to fight with over limited resources, plus Poland is very fertile land for growing gardens/crops, raising livestock, - the perfect location for homesteading. So given all that, I am curious to know your thoughts, where do you think is the most ideal bug-out locations w Polsce?
Dobry vecer,

I know for a fact that the Tatras would be the best location. =)