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It's a coyote tan version of the old Blackhawk Patrol Pack from the early 2000s. Decent pack, especially for the price you paid.

From an archived advertisement (item currently out of stock):
Compact, contoured design allows efficient movement through brush and urban environments. Unique side pockets have slots to carry long items such as skis, machetes, radio antennae, etc.

Made of ultra-tough 1,000 denier nylon
Contour fit shoulder straps with sternum strap and detachable padded belt
Non-slip HawkTex™ shoulder pads for weapon lock-in system
Ventilating back panel with a sturdy top carry handle
Front, top and sides have slotted attachment points
Four interior compartments for separate gear storage
Glint tape ID patch (fits on pack or your uniform)
All pouches secured by silent side release buckles
Top flap has a concealed map compartment
Quick ditch feature on shoulder straps
Hydration compatible
18 1 / 2 x 10 x 6" 1,334 cu. in.
They were about $125-$150 MSRP back in the day and designed to compete with Eagle Industries' (then) very popular and higher build quality Becker Patrol Pack. Some reports of stitching/shoulder strap failures with the Blackhawk model.

Realize that Blackhawk has always been hit or miss with their product lines. The early 90s stuff was fairly decent, but post-9/11 gear mostly crap. They stayed in the highly competitive tactical gear game by out-sourcing most of their stuff from off-shore factories. Not so much Berry Compliant. Some of it good (rigger belts, early ballistic nylon/Velcro tactical holsters, some packs). Some of it horrible (poorly designed or poorly sewn... Slurpa holsters, tactical vests, and some packs).

2003 comment from a well respected tactical forum:
I sold a Blackhawk Patrol Pack to a customer of mine about three months ago. Today he called me and told me last weekend that the damn thing fell apart on him. His story was he used it about five or six times to go camping with about 40lbs of stuff. Ammo, food, clothing etc. This guy is a avid survivalist and goes to the woods alot, swimming across ponds and all that. He said that left strap tore 3/4 of the way out and the right side opened up comletely. So, long story short he had to manage his stuff back about 3 miles through the woods. He was not happy and I heard about it. So I directed him to BH to get a new one. Now, I know there stuff isnt made from US materials, but is it that sh i t t y?
During the mid to late 1990s, I was unit-issued several Blackhawk items which held up nicely in combat arms airborne grunt environments. Thigh rigs (before we went almost universally to Safariland hardshells). Rigger belts. Safety lanyards for helo ops. SAW pouches. They all worked pretty well and I used them for various downrange endeavors (Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, locations in Africa).

Other items sucked for actual hard military use. Serpa holsters. X-1/X-3 RAPTOR packs. TAC vests.

As you noted, this pack came from an era just behind the industry adoption wave of MOLLE/PALS webbing. Back when the top tier manufacturers (used by professionals) were folks like Eagle, Gregory, Safariland, Lowe Alpine, Tactical Tailor, & London Bridge Trading Company. Second tier commercial markets were targeted by importer folks like Blackhawk, Brigade Quartermaster, Rothco, and (later) 5.11.

In any event, for $20, you got a screaming deal. But I'd be cautious about severely overloading that pack.

Hope the above info helps with your questions.

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