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Originally Posted by Kalashnikov47 View Post
I think any 4x4 SUV isn't gonna be a "comfortable" ride or get good gas mileage unless you go high end like Lexus, Infinity etc.
#1 free option. Reduced air pressure in the tires.

These days there are TONS of options for making them ride WAY better than stock. Short version, invest in good quality rebuildable shocks with appropriate valving for your preferences and vehicle weight.

Is this a cheap option, generally no, but even a set of 2.0 Resi shocks with proper modern valving can do wonders. The sky is the limit these days with shocks technology generally. They can do AMAZING things with even bolt-in shock packages for well supported vehicle like the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota's, etc.

Rear spring rate is the other great compromise. It is really hard to retain a good payload/towing capacity AND a good ride when the vehicle is empty.
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