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Originally Posted by Buck91 View Post
I do the extended fit test every year, and every year it passes just fine. Sometimes with odorant and sometimes with computer pressure sensors.

FWIW, I do agree that they are inferior to a quality respirator but STRONGLY disagree they are junk. They are a cost effective solution for short to moderate lengths of wear. In fact, if you get some of the foldable ones they make perfect glovebox pandemic masks.
I do a quantitative (electronic humidity/particulate differential) every year for SCBA and N95. The only way I pass with N95 is if I'm extremely careful about how I move my head, jaw, and mouth. Nearly everyone who's being tested along with me has to do the same. So, trust them if you want, but they're junk for aerosols in my book. FWIW... our SOP is to use our SCBA masks with P100 adapters for Ebola/Pandemic/Bio events. N95 is NOT sufficient.