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Default Re: 1-2-3 Home Made Insulin

Originally Posted by WolfBrother View Post
What makes it scary? It is a discussion - generally by diabetics or those with diabetic family members - of how to make insulin when it's not available due to some cataclysmic event.

Are you suggesting we shouldn't discuss or share knowledge about what to do and/or how to do something in a Post Apocalyptic World?

If so, why? Isn't this type of discussion what Emergency Preppers, survivalists, and other weird folks like us do in forums like this?
I agree with you. This is suppose to be a place to share ideas. I don't have a lab built into my house or a chemist on staff but I think that I could get very creative if I had to. I personally appreciate all of the great information. I don't think that anyone on this board would just go make this for day to day use. But I feel better having options available and most of all hope. Should we just lay down and die if the time came or try our best with the information that we have available? I vote for giving it a try. I am not a chemist but I do have several college chemistry classes, a Dr for an Aunt and a chemist for a cousin. I have a dentist as a neighbor and my chemist cousin is married to a veterinarian. Who knows maybe we could pull it off?? But, if not I had rather have felt like I at least tried and didn't just say OH WELL!
So please share all ideas!!! Some of us want to hear it and for those that don't want to hear it just skip it and read another post instead of making them sorry that they shared something. For the person that thinks that people would not stock up on the chemicals to make this product you have obviously not been on this board very long. I have only been on it for about 4 months and these people amaze me. I have never seen a group of people so prepared. I prepare anything and everything I can think of and I can't touch most of these people. They make my head spin. I wouldn't be shocked if several people on this board has alerady ordered the items needed to make it. This is one group of go-getters. Don't think for one second that they wouldn't stock any and all of them if they thought for one second that it could save them or their family.
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