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Originally Posted by NW GUY View Post
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They will just continue to ignore it and site anecdotal evidence from a coroner they once they once knew or old cop buddy.

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I PERSONALLY investigated over 1000 shootings... not something I read or heard about. IF I had kept an accurate count over the years it could have been as high as 2000. You get tired of keeping track after a while, you know they just sort of run together... "SHOOT thy neighbor" was one of the most followed commandments in the hood.


Calibers beginning with .4 overwhelmingly put people down, stopped fights, canceled aggression over everything else that could considered a regular handgun round. NOT saying they are INSTANT DEATH... what I am saying is I never had to fight or restrain anyone hit with a .4. They always seemed quite content to lay there and hope not to die, all thoughts of aggression sort of gone out of them.

One of the most interesting ones, 2 officers responding to B&E, BG is running for a 10' high fence, makes a gun like gesture, officer 1 pops a 125gr .357HP at him, hitting him in the ribs, through and through, BG turns and starts climbing fence. Officer 1 closes, tries to pull THE SHOT GUY off the fence, gets kicked in the head, knocked semiconscious, officer 2 gets in position to fire, sticks the muzzle of his Model 29 through the fence and fires. Hits BG in left upper arm with a .44Special load. According to officer, as I was taking the report, BG did a complete 360 spin, went down, stayed down never moved until ambulance hauled him away.

Even though a nonfatal or even life threatening hit, it was pretty much the results from impact with a .4. I was a skeptic at first when they brought out the ,40S&W which we all heard stood for "short and weak" Well, lemmetellya, it worked just the same. Something about that extra bullet diameter just makes a lot of difference. at least in my experience.

I had a guy shot 3 times with a .25 auto while wearing one of those silk wife beaters so popular back then. The shirt was sucked into the wound channels. When they went to take the shirt off of him, the bullets popped out. The silk had caught them and when the ER doc went to remove the shirt the 3 little pills hit the floor.

Bullets do weird things.
I will go with the 1000 investigations, for these questions:

-Do you remember where the majority of shots were placed on the body?
-How many shots were placed on the body v how many were fired?
-In what year did you first start and in what year did you finish?

If all we are talking about is ending a fight and not "killing" or "instant incapacitation". I have yet to find anyone who wanted to stand in front of a 380 and take one. Eventhough they said something with a .4 was far superior.

Just curious, because my father in law just retired as a 20 year detective in NEW ORLEANS. One of the most violent cities in America and over the last 20 years he had exactly 892 violent cases come across his desk and not all were firearm related.
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