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Originally Posted by Nomad, 2nd View Post
I'm in zone 6, one of the reasons I picked here is because other than citrus it'll grow about anything.

Got some muscadine, will plant more (I consider it a wild grape.)
back when I lived in the swamp I got some so sweet and juicy that i'd love to have on my Rocky hillside.
A good discussion topic would be on what is the best zone for homesteading.
You mentioned citrus
For My zone 8b
Citrus is actually marginal here and every so often a cold winter will kill what is above the ground. If you can get them growing on their own roots they can come back. If on typical rootstock after killing cold it will come back as rootstock that is usually trifolium or sour orange once the graft has died. Satsuma and grapefruit handle the cold best and limes the worst.
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