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Originally Posted by View Post
I'm sure this has been covered repeatedly, but I can't figure out how to upload a&#)$! pic on my phone, and can't find the info in this site.
First use a file sizer to make your photo less than 800 x 800 mp,
400 x something, is a good size.

Know where the resized photo is in your photo file so you can find it.

Click on the “Go Advance” button below the text box
then click on “manage attachments”
This will open a “second tab” (on my device.)
and you should see “upload fie from your computer”
and a list of “choose file” buttons.
And an “upload button” on the bottom right.
Click on one of the “choose file” buttons,
this will take you to the photo library file, on your device.
Select one photo and
click the upload button.
Do not click it twice.
Wait until it finishes.
Now click on the the “first tab” that has the text box and your message.
You should see below that a file has been attached.The
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