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Post HeHey there

Originally Posted by prepgal View Post
Interesting how the military was immediately deployed to "protect" the masses. Loss of the grid is our top threat too, IMHO. Not just being without power, but the ramifications of that on the food supply, security, economics and emergency services, to name a few. Having some hand crank lanterns and a solar panel or two isn't gonna cut it of the country is plunged into darkness, but I am also not prepared to be the only house on the block with a generator running either. Even less so in a metropolitan area like Caracas.
Please donīt even think for a moment that such mock of a government, that failed state that is the maduro gang and the 2k generals that are part of the warlord gang is something like the military in some other country.

The ministry of prisons, Varela, is a devil of a woman who got out common inmates to cover the military that have been fleeing away by the dozen.

There is not even one uniformed personnel in there that deserves consideration.

I know it because I had to leave almost 2 years ago. Yes, the situation is bad. I used to talk with my family almost every day, and now every 4 days with some luck.

Some friends who stay behind (some of them used to laugh at me because I liked to talk about the need to be prepared) are now trying to get solar panels, batteries, with their families that could leave.
There is a lot of things I could mention, maybe you can get some useful info in the other thread "Venezuela coming apart".

Be safe people!.
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