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Originally Posted by Dusty Bones View Post
When I was in he 82d I got to meet lots of guys who came back to see the Company as it was at that time. A few WWII guys, a true honor. More than a few Vietnam guys. Mostly met the Cold War era guys and from the looks of it the guys you herd up with act like the Cold War "vet" bunch.

Never deployed a day in their life but god damn they were the most hard core, experienced and most trained to ever run Ardennes. They'll tell you too, just like the guys you cyber hang out with.

The comedy is in you thinking you have a clue or could think you can tell me what it's like. As said before. The ****bag had the balls to sign up. All you signed up for was unlimited data plans and internet. now that's impressive right there.
Realistically though, I was saving lives in the medical profession and doing well for myself when my friends came back from Iraq. Military careers would not be possibke without civilian careers, and visa versa. I am Thankful for what they did, and people like you would be shafted without what I do. But you keep telling yourself that your 3, or was it 4? Deployments are all that matter in life.

As to cyber hangouts...ummm? You have a whole cyber military career, it seems...
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