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Originally Posted by WImountainMan View Post
We don't need one. Any nuke of sufficient yield can be used to create NEMP when detonated at the appropriate altitude. Super-EMP is just a renamed Enhanced Radiation weapon. It's a fission-only weapon that allows the radiation to escape from the bomb casing instead of being used to boost the yield or initiate a secondary. Our W-66 warheads from the Sprint Missiles were ER warheads. If we still have some of those laying around awaiting disassembly, they could be used as "super-EMP". But really, it's not necessary. Super EMP is just a buzzword Peter Pry likes to throw around to add more pop to his presentations.

While I support educating people about the threat of NEMP and of course want to see our infrastructure better hardened against it, some of these claims are getting a little nutty. The 200kV/m using 10kt claim seems like a typical Russian exaggeration that Pry is running with because it fits his narrative. Then there seems to be the implication in the article that an aggressor nation could use NEMP and it wouldn't be viewed as a use of nuclear weapons. I find that rather preposterous.
The other issue is when EMP protection is measured in 10s of dB ( ie 60 or 80 dB), saying the field n increased 6 or 12 dB doesn’t ensure failure. And melting electronics components is meaningless hyperbole.

It’s a pretty sloppy written report, with a lot of self referencing ( this is true because I wrote it was true last year.)
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