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Originally Posted by Steve_In_29 View Post
Many "couple thousand population" cites do NOT have sewer systems to dump into. Everyone is on septic. Plus people loving there tend to be a lot more observant (nosy) about what is going on around them and the sight/smell of thousands of gallons of gasoline running down the road is hard to miss. Though middle of might might be doable. However the semi-truck would stand out much more to a cop on patrol.

A better bet would be a propane or LNG tanker rigged to blow, driven by a suicide bomber.

You also need to seriously up the amount of manpower you think is required to fully impose martial law on a country of over 320 million spread out over a vast area.

Just the county I live in has 70K people (though most are clustered on the Rez) and an area of over 11,000 sq-mi with probably not much more then 100 police officers of all types (State, County, City) within its boundaries.
I agree but, how many towns actually have their own cops working 24/7?
Do this in farm country after 1AM and how many folks are up and about.?Most small places rely on county or state to slide by on an irregular basis.
So you let the gas run down the streets and then touch it off, the concussion blows out all the windows, shakes buildings and starts some fires... same effect, terrorism comes to little america.

My county has 20,000 and the next county North has 8000 and literally there is only one "town" in the whole county. After the bars close at 2AM you can be on the MAIN roads and not see a car for half an hour or longer.

Gotta love rural northern living.
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