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My SOP started before the trip at home. Looking at the maps of the area I was going to backpack and planning emergency routes in the event of bad mountain weather or injury. I always had at least two that were intersecting the route I was taking.

I never backpacked alone. Never backpack or hike alone. You can never be confident, "I am in good shape and it isn't that far I can hike alone.

I have been very close to rattlesnakes and black bears. Just out of strike range of rattlesnakes. Thirty feet from a black bear in the dark coming back to my tent from a short stand up potty break. The bear "gruffed at me Loudly".

Leave plans with people you know about you travel routes and escape routes. Leave a printed out plan in am envelope Marked Travel Routes with your initials on the dash in your vehicle. If you are reported missing Emergency Personnel may break you side window to get the info. Where we backpacked in the winter cell service was not always available.

We always had extra food that didn't require cooking. We always had two stoves and ample fuel and water.

Now I know this is very basic information to most of you here. But there are always new people coming in looking for information.

This is a very short list of SOP's. Many of you will add much more.
Happy Trails..... BASS
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