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Here's my Holosun with the ACSS Reticle. So far, so good, bright red aiming points and very light. I was able to get hits at 200 yards off a bench, 3 out of 5 inside a 3" circle that looked like a big black 12" square to me. I was impressed. So man sized targets are no problem with a 1x dot at that distance.

My buddy had a 3x Nikon AR specific scope and it worked too. You could see more of what you were aiming at, but not a huge difference at that range. Not sure if I want to add a 3x swing out magnifier to mine or skip it.

For PDW ranges, I think the red dots are the way to go. Very fast to pick-up on target. Mine is set to a lower 1/3 co-witness with the fixed front sight. The sight isn't a factor, except it does give you a solid reference point to center the chevron, etc. in your field of view. I was going to remove the front sight and replace it with a MLOK rail, but if I do, I will attached a fixed front sight to the rail as well, that is always visible in the lower 1/3rd.

I'm thinking about getting a Trijicon 4x with the ACSS reticle, as a dedicated rifle optic, but I've got to save my pennies for that one, $1,200+ is a lot of green for me.

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