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Originally Posted by 11evilace11 View Post
Just having them a garbage can will NOT save them.
They need to be suspended/off the ground within the can or whatever other container you are using.
The idea of the can/cage is that it creates a shield around your electronics and send the pulse to the ground , so if you have you electronics in direct contact with can/cage it will not protect them.>>>
Not at all. The garbage can can be hanging from a string and be just as effective.

A few examples with extensive EMP testung that do not have a ground attached: AIr Force One, Marine One, the AF NAOC aircraft, the navy TACMO aircraft, and the minuteman 3 missle. All have been tested under EMP simulators multiple times, all lack a ground.

A fairday cage has nothing to do with sending a pulse to ground .

If a fairday cage works as designed, there is no current inside the can- in fact there is usually a small one bacause most cages leak a little bit, and that's what a leak is- currents flowing inside the cage which then re radiate. I can tell you in a new Commerical enclosure, the fields in the cage are about 1/4000000 ( one- four millionth) or 66 dB less than those outside- installed, in place we test for 1 millionth (60 dB).
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