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I've been pretty happy with my Sccy CPX-2. Just under 500 rounds through it at the range. Its my gym and work gun. Basically to have on me, or in the work truck, when I don't have my G19. it fills a similar role for me as you're describing. I do a fair bit of working on, under, and in the vehicles at work and I have no complaints. I keep the Sccy in a DeSantis gel pocket holster. Prints quite a bit, but stays put and guards the trigger nicely. Speaking of the trigger. Its pretty much what I expected from a $200ish gun. Travel galore, but workable

My GF has a Ruger LC9s. We both like it, she preferred that over my Sccy because its a bit smaller/thinner overall. I don't remember all the differences off hand, but I do remember when we picked up hers the guy at the LGS explained the difference between the two (LC vs EC) and the extra coin was well worth it.

I keep hearing how Taurus finally figured it out and yada yada. I'd avoid the G2C or whatever they're calling it now like the plague. In this market there really is no good reason to risk buying a Taurus of any kind. So many better, more proven options for similar coin.