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Originally Posted by Marlin94 View Post
You clearly have an opinion on things and that is fine but unfortunately they just arent based in fact.

LMFAO! NO **** dude?
You start off by asking why "no younger vets" say what I say.
THEN you say that "Other young vets" do not agree
NOW your telling me that my first hand account "isn't based on fact"

Pull the other one...

Saying you had to shoot 1 guy 5 to 7 times with a 556 and another guy 1 time with a 308 doesnt prove your point either.
1. I have clearly related "much more than one"
2. I've never shot anyone with a .308. (Only thing I've Every shot anyone with is 556)
Been there though.

But you keep on ignoring every account that disagrees with what you want to believe...

There are plenty of instances where the reverse is true.
I've been saying that, and you've been ignoring it... See below:

My father, a Marine Colonel, had to investigate an instance where a guy was shot 9 times from his left foot to his right shoulder with an M60 in a training exercise. Does that mean that the m60 needs 9 rounds to kill someone?

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Originally Posted by Nomad, 2nd View Post

As I have said before: I'm NOT saying that 556 'can't ' even setting aside my first hand experiences we historically have people with equal skills and training saying both "it worked for me" AND "It didn't work for me"
So a reasonable person must postulate that it MAY work, but not that it WILL.
"May work" won't cut it with MY 'life support equipment"
Not my first aid, not my oxygen tanks, and not my ammo.

Basically: you want to trust it... Feel free, you won't be alone.

Me, I won't, and I won't be alone either.


Never seen someone get told a first hand account and then say "that's not based on fact"

That mean your calling me a liar, or just in denial?
(I want to know before tell you to GFY.)