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I would contact some of the Gun/Sportsman Clubs in the UK and see what they suggest to comply with their laws and buy accordingly in Australia as long as they would be legal there.

Shotguns are single or doubles ONLY...No semi auto or pump rifles or shotguns.

Get a couple of nice bolt action rifles in .22 LR and something for roos and feral animals .303 British, .308 Win, .30/30 Win calibre max but a nice 7x57mm Mauser or .257 Roberts would handle everything Down Under excluding water buffalo and do so with less recoil. You may want to look at the .260 Rem or the 7mm-08 Rem for availability.

I'm not sure on lever actions but since most, now, are pistol calibres I'd stay away from them since handguns are so restricted...If allowed, then a nice Browning BLR or Savage 99 in a flat shooting rifle calibre would be ideal.