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Originally Posted by Ft Frostbite View Post
That information is correct but not complete. Full auto is readily available if you apply for a dealer licence. A close friend has done it, it was straight forward and relatively easy.
Have YOU or your buddy got one of those special 'self defense' licenses???

No? Why not???

Which pretty much means that if you do anything with any firearm you may happen to have - You are in big freakin trouble with the law... About as dumb as having a car and not being able to drive it anywhere in my opinion.

Under New South Wales law, and Australian law generally, firearms may *only* be used for the purpose the license to use them for is issued under. If the license is not issued for self-defense, they may not be used for self-defense. The 1996 firearms agreement between Australia states specifically forbids issuing a firearms license for self-defense. If license holders use their license for self defense, they can lose their license to own a firearm forever. They can be jailed for up to five years.

The police impounded David's three firearms on September 14th. On October 3rd, they put restrictions on David's wife, Andrea, who also had a firearms license. She was not allowed to have any firearms while living with David. David had never been convicted of any crime.
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