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Let's ass some realism to this thread. You cannot even purchase a good daytime non electronic optic for under $300. There is almost no night vision optic worth purchasing that you can get for $300 or even $600. Anything with a Belorussian Gen 1 image tube is garbage. Anything in that price range will be slightly better than useless and you would be better off purchasing good tactical flashlights because anyone with U.S. Gen 2, Gen 3, or Thermal is going to Pwn you anyway.

I have personally owned, used, or tested about 100 Gen 1, 2, and 3 night vision as well as thermal devices over the last 30 years. The very minimum useable optic I would recommend would be a used optic using a U.S. Gen 2 MX 9916 image tube as used in a AN/PVS-5 or a MX-9644 image intensifier tube as used in the PVS-4 weapon sight.

The discontinued ITT Night Quest 160 uses a commercial tube with specs similar to the MX-9916/PVS-5. You can find these used on ebay for $300-$600. That is the very best performance you are going to get for that price range. AN/PVS-4 Gen 2 weapons sights are tough as nails and can be purchased used for around $1200.

If you can manage $1500-$2000 you can get a PVS-14 style monocular with a European DEP or Photonis high performance gen 2 image tube.

If you want really good night vision save up, work overtime, give up cigs and Budweiser until you have $3-$4 grand save cause that's what it takes.