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Default Tell Me About Arkansas

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Looking for a piece of dirt for myself and my soon to be wife. We have found some sites we like in NE Arkansas, but I want to know about the state and the area from like minded individuals. How are the gun laws? Taxes? Race Relations? The last is very important as we will be a mixed race couple. If Arkansas is a very racist area, we need to consider somewhere else. Aside from that, if you current residents had just moved to the state, what would you have wanted to know that you didn't when you got there? Our general health is good for both of us. There will be no children involved except for occasional summer time visits and the like. My future wife is retiring and will receive a nice pension, and we have a significant amount of cash to invest in the right property.
How are the laws in regard to off-grid living? Is solar a viable power source? or do I need to consider other sources? How about water? especially wells?
Thanks in advance for any help/information/advice.
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