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The smaller the creek the tougher your inflatable needs to be. Snags, sharp rocks are everywhere.

I use to inner tube the Boise river a lot. I would road bicycle up to the get in park, inflate a tube for me and one for the bike. Float down to the get out park about 2 hours and 10 miles away, deflate the tube and ride home. No parking fees.

I body surfed the run many times with a borrowed Chesapeake retriever Ginger.

We had a 6 man assault raft with 4 people. I was the only one without a life jacket. We fell into "Mike's hole" in the Payette river. I was pinned to the bottom for several minutes by the weight of the water pushing down. I managed to sort of do a pushup on the bottom and get my legs under me. I pushed off really hard, about 6" from breaking the surface an eddy current ripped off my glasses.

So I'm swimming along in mild rapids and still have my oar. I come across a second one but I let it go after a short time as it was hard to swim with 2 of them. Fighting the current was hard, the fanny pack and shoes weren't helping. I was considering kicking off my shoes so I could swim better - would have sucked once I made shore. The highway was on one side of the river. The get out point and my land cruiser was like 20 miles down stream. I also considered throwing my fanny pack towards the shore once I got close. It had my favorite pistol in the pack.

Anyway I made it out with shoes, pack and my oar. Everyone else was out too, one guy on the wrong side of the river. About 45 minutes later the raft came out of the hole upside down. The guy on my side of the river help me pull it to shore and get it righted. The guy on the wrong side of the river ran like 5 miles downstream and recovered a second oar.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. I had a spare pair of glasses in my rig.
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