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Originally Posted by Loves_Chickens View Post
There's really no reason to load your posts with vitriol. Just be a regular normal person, I've done nothing to you, we disagree on stuff, that's it. We can have a calm discussion, you can give your opinion, I'll give mine and then we go on with our lives.
What? Vitriol? Really?

I'm just talking. Haven't even started to be mean or even talk loud yet.

And now we see why "snowflake" is the appropriate name for the leftist. ANY pressure, ANY heat at all...and they start to melt. have nothing to counter my points, so you're doing what leftists always do when their ideas come up lacking...attack the way the truth was delivered, attack the messenger and avoid dealing with the fact that they have nothing cogent to say, nothing that persuades, and nothing that makes their BS anything remotely close to a good argument.

Thanks for making my point, yet again.
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