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Originally Posted by PapaWhiskyBravo View Post
Excellent point peguinman. Like fitness MA training needs to be kept up as the skills are perishable. Some arts more than others i think.

We've all read of examples of old boxers who although they havent trained in decades manage to punch out a burglar or young thug. I think thats because the moves in boxing are so simple that its hard to forget.

Arts more complicated like BJJ or FMA or aikido may perish faster as techniques are forgotten over time.

Its hard to forget a left jab though!
Everyone should practice boxing jabs and punches on a floor to ceiling bag a couple of times a week for at least 30 minutes, because it's just so damn good for hand speed and distancing and avoidance.
(For real punching power you need a heavy bag, but that is not essential for hand speed.)

For stick/baton training you should practice the 12 basic strikes of Arnis a couple of times a week as well.
Below is a good video that also shows the footwork and distancing.

I don't like the stabs from the left so much, as my wrist isn't comfortable at that angle. It just doesn't feel right to me.
Note that whilst an eye stab would be the desired result, a stick jabbed into any part of the face is going to do some damage, so even if you missed the eye the stab could still be effective.
I have no problem with strikes from the left side.
I have used these striking techniques with an ASP to great effect, I have avoided the stabs because it's never 100% certain that an ASP won't close on you when stabbed against an object.
The best way to stab with an ASP is up close and personal, two handed, one hand on the handle and the other hand holding and directing the last section of the ASP onto the target.

It doesn't take long to master the basic Arnis strikes, even when learning from a video.
Cut some branches from a tree, de-bark them, suspend an old car tire from a rope on a tree for a striking target.
De-barked Privet makes great Arnis sticks.
Easy to peel/scrape the bark off when the branch is freshly cut. The exposed wood underneath dries to a nice whitish color.
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