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I used to live with a martial art instructor and occasionally would train with him. Totalled perhaps 20-30 hours, so should be similar. He mostly taught various disciplines, most trad kong fu though (I think anyway).

I reckon 50% of what he got me to was physical conditioning of arms and legs by (gently) launching roundhouse kicks and various arm/elbow and palm strikes against small trees/poles to learn the basic strikes and toughen me up a bit.

Next 30% involved soft hits against a sparing partner. (more conditioning)

10% full contact against bags

10% learning counters to some common moves

While it didn't make me a good fighter by any means, by the end I could stand my own sparring against some of his casual students, take a hit from some of the advanced guys and still being able to launch a basic strike after without having to think about it.

However, I think the best part of that training method is that it taught me the forms to continue the conditioning on my own since I moved out, which I think is one of the most important parts of a non-continuous/once off training system.

Hope this was relevant enough
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