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Originally Posted by SBK View Post
You don't specifically train for a riot. That wasn't what I said. I was talking about people training and preparing in general.
That's why people want to hear from people like you who have been in one. (or a bunch). If every person with experience simply says "just don't get caught in one", and leaves it at that, that's not real helpful for someone who actually does get caught in one. It's the same with any of the other scenarios that are discussed on this site. Avoidance of a bad situation is great, but it's not always possible in every case.
The thing is this, there's really not much to tell about it other than dont be there and if you are somehow there for whatever reason just get out of there.

Yes, I've read stuff written about "how to deal with a riot". The advice I came across was pretty lame in general and I would bet lots of the people writing said advice have very little experience with riots.
Stuff like wear comfortable shoes to run, no high heels, dont wear political insignias, avoid the center most crowded part of the mob, use a respirator...
Its all kind of.. ok.. sure. No high heels, dont wear your fancy KKK costume to your next BLM rally. Do people really need to be told that? I have respirators, several, but I dont have them to go to my next antifa rally, fight the police and put my NBC respirator on when they gas my SJW butt.
Whenever I saw rioting, or looting,or one of the protests or marches I'd just not get involved. If I had ot go somewhere and there was some of that happened I would just eyeball the situation and the level of violence and decide if it was worth the risk or not.
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