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Originally Posted by OhioMan View Post

I've always wanted to have one like that. I have a friend who has one, I can't leave him alone. Just love that bird. They are so stunning, almost not real.
Charlie, Jr. is an Australian Eclectus male. The Eclectus is the only parrot species where the male and female don't look the same. The female is red with purple and other colors. Up until about 50 years ago scientists believed that they were two separate species.

In all seriousness, the intelligence of the Eclectus has been measured at the level of a 3 year old human child. They don't just "parrot" words, they understand in their way what they mean. Many years ago Charlie, Jr.'s predecessor, Charlie D. Parrot, flew onto the top of his cage one day when my son and I were having an argument and started screaming, "STOP IT, STOP IT..." It was so spooky that we "stopped it." LOL

My veterinarian doesn't believe me, but Charlie, Jr. is toilet trained. One warning, parrots "poop" every 15 to 20 minutes. This is something to keep in mind before getting one. Junior will poop on strategically placed cardboard around the house. If he's on my shoulder while I'm at the computer he will say, "Poop, poop..." and I'll transfer him to my hand and hold him out over the cardboard near my chair and he does his duty.

Junior likes to frequently go to sleep while watching TV with me. He has his own pillow he sleeps on next to mine. At night he poops less frequently, but when he has to go he bangs my head with his beak to wake me up. Then he jumps on my hand which I outstretch over a piece of card board next to the bed.

If you are going to get a parrot keep in mind that they are highly interactive beings. You can't lock them up in a cage. Junior is only locked up when I have to leave the house and if I'm cooking (to prevent him from accidentally flying into a pot of boiling water). Also, it's up to each parrot's care giver, but I will not clip his wings. Birds were meant to fly like we were meant to walk and, in my opinion, it is cruel to clip their wings. Flying parrots are healthier parrots since they get exercise when flying around.

When my granddaughters come over it's like a petting zoo here. They play with the parrot and then they will stand around the turtle's tank and observe him for long periods of time. (The turtle is another story - my son caught him in Lake Calhoun 23 years ago this August.)

Anyway, parrots have been illegal to sell in Minnesota pet stores for quite a few years, because people were abusing them out of ignorance or just plain meanness. So, getting a parrot is a big decision.


Since Eddie T. is a wrestling fan he will appreciate the photo below. After Charlie D. Parrot passed a friend of mine at the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, NY included Charlie D.'s photo in a poster that he made for an autograph signing for Koko B. Ware. Before every match Koko would make his entrance to the ring with his Macaw - Frankie!


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