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Originally Posted by Im RIght View Post
I stopped reading at this point.

I will try an dumb this down as much as possible. I checked with my 8 year old and this passed for understanding...

You wrote

Note you used quotes in your post. That means this exists elsewhere. Or you ****ing made it up.

This is the google search results of the quoted material from YOUR post.

1, one, single source exists in the ****ing world for the quoted material, and it's a fake news site. I'll admit I'm wrong if you can show the "other" site you utilized for the quoted material.

Get it? What you quoted, as I have shown you, is listed on 1 web page on the entire ****ing internet. 1 page. One lonely page that matches what you quoted. Get it?

Let me try to make this even simpler... I tried this out on my 4 year old and it was understood at her level of comprehension...

What you quoted only exists on one ****ing page in the entire ****ing world. Either you just made this **** up, or you are quoting fake news...

Which is it?

Where did the quote come from?

Get it?
The words are echoed by many thousands of CHinese people, and others.

LOL, is a news agregator website, it doesn't publish its own stories it gets them from around the world. The quote you are referencing on the site you are calling a fake news site (it is an news agregator website).

You were claiming a comment to a youtube video was "Fake news".

Its not fake news, it is news aggregation. As opposed to playing your game of attacking any source of information that doesn't match your own views and goals.

You are saying stuff Chinese people are saying, is not an accurate representation of what Chinese people are saying. You are nonsensical.

Are you saying it isn't Chinese people saying that? IF not, who do you suppose is saying that the US should be sanctioned?

There is 0 doubt those statements were made, now are you saying that some other people are saying the US should be sanctioned?

This is not a fake news site

This is a news aggregation.

For instance, you are saying KT Chong is not Chinese? Where is KT Chong from?

Who is Papyrus Okagbue? Also calling for Chinese sanctions against the US?
Who is fx H also calling for sanctions against the US?

Use your common sense.

Now I'm not going to quote 600 million posts from Chinese people calling for sanctions against the US from WIchat web, but I will ask you to use some common sense unless you have evidence to the contrary.

This is not a unique theme.

Here is another reference to KT Chong.