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Originally Posted by kmech View Post
I would think is this order the most common

22lr--12ga--38/357--probably followed by 45 or 9mm
Oh, I think that in 2019, it's going to be .22LR followed by 9mm and .223/5.56 by quite a bit over anything else. If nothing else, larger physical size - and thus less storage capacity - would probably limit the amount of 12ga that most people have stored compared to other calibers. I don't have them in front of me, but going off memory, a retail package of five 12ga shells is roughly the same size as a 20rd box of .223 or a 25rd box of premium defensive 9mm JHP; use your imagination for moving up to 10- and 25-round 12ga boxes. People who are storing ammo long-term, whether for range use or competition or some future SHTF event, can very well be dealing in sufficient quantity that available space is a concern. That's especially true in the preparedness world, where ammo is far from the only thing being stored in bulk.

Friends of mine who shoot 12ga for sporting clays tell me that they go through 50 shells for a round of clays (I have no personal experience with this, so take it for what it is) whereas a an hour or two shooting 9mm or .223 at a relaxed pace is still a couple hundred rounds. My point being, people who are setting aside large quantities of ammo mostly for practice/training/range use are probably going through more of it than the typical shotgun shooter, although there are obviously going to be exceptions to that. In those cases, they're also transporting more ammo in their vehicle.

All that speculation aside, I can confidently state that my supplies of 9mm, .223 and even .45ACP each dwarf that of my 12ga supply, if for no other reason than that I shoot FAR more of those calibers for practice than of 12ga.
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