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I'm closer to 70 than I am 60 and on good days I use a cane to keep my face off the ground. On bad days I use crutches, (back injury from work in 1988). 2 years ago I was faced with two punks, one armed with a cheap hunting knife. I was on the way to the swimming pool to pic up my nephew and certainly didn't expect trouble in a residential area of a small town and in front of a grade school. I replied with a quick overhand bop to the head of the knife man and another bop only this time he caught it on his forearm and lost his knife. The third strike I stopped because his little buddy was halfway down the block and wise guy who wanted my wallet had turned away from me and was trying to catch his buddy. I looked briefly at the knife with its cheap black plastic handle and dropped it into the storm drain. If these had been serious criminals with some experience in mugging I could have been in deep doo doo but quick reaction and no talking on my part sent the little darlings on their way.

That is the problem most people have. They want to fire a warning shot into the air or ground or get in an en garde position to intimidate the boogerman and try to reason with him. They are not there to fight fair or to parley, they are there to hurt you and take your things. Even a light weight cane like the one I was using that day was effective because it ruined their plans, I didn't play nice and bullies do not like getting hit.

There are numerous accounts of old people in their 70's and 80's reacting quickly and taking the attack to a surprised boogerman and sending them packing. It is attitude not what you are armed with or how many hours you have in the Do Jo or Gym that you have. They want meek and compliant, they think that is a reasonable response. People who grab their weapons from then or hit them with a can of peas or purse or cane while saying impolite things in a loud tone of voice is considered unreasonable by the boogermen. To bad for the boogermen. If you don't want to be a victim refuse to play their game. They can't make you a victim unless you cooperate with them.
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