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Originally Posted by Black Knight View Post
I appreciate the well thought out reply. The point of this thread is to one, express my opinion. Two, to make people think about what they are carrying, and it's limitations. I mainly don't want people to be overconfident with something that is limited in its application.

Granted an experienced martial artist/fighter could be a real pain to deal with if he had a cane. However I think an trained fighter has little to no advantage. In fact I would do a force on force fight with an untrained fighter holding a cane any day. I might take minor abuse(maybe) but that is fighting. I SURE WOULDN'T MAKE THAT OFFER TO AN UNTRAINED MAN WITH A KNIFE! So I have to disagree on the knife being the lessor weapon.

No doubt the ball end would crush a face but it would be so stupid easy to not get hit in the face that it negates the point.

I'M NOT SAYING IT CAN'T BE USED AS A WEAPON EFFECTIVELY(a pen can be used effectively as a weapon if administered correctly), I'M JUST SAYING IT IS NOT A VERY EFFECTIVE WEAPON TO USE.
Now this I completely agree with 100%. Even the part about a knife not being a lesser weapon. I never claimed that it was really... just that I would PERSONALLY choose the stick over knife.

One thing also about a knife and cane... (just like you said) a 75 year old man with a cane is not intimidating. A 75 year old man with a knife will give someone second thoughts. Even if that person did not know how to use a knife effectively, the perception alone may help a person out in a self-defense situation. Like many people walking about, our society does not view a cane as much of a weapon. Now a 75 year old man with a .45 will probably have the last laugh But as with the knife, the show of force will sometimes act as a deterrent. A cane does not "show force" until it is crowning someone or shoved up and into their face.
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